What to do after a Failed MOT

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Most vehicle owners view annual MOT tests as a necessary chore. While it’s nobody’s favourite way to spend money, it ensures the safety and roadworthiness of your car. However, the frustration sets in when your car fails the MOT test. It’s not uncommon, as statistics show that approximately 40% of cars fail their MOT on the first attempt. Depending on the age of your car, it may be time to look for a new one. Here at Taroni’s our scrap car Birmingham service will provide you with the very best price for your scrap car. Our fast payment service will allow you to invest the money towards a new car and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Discovering the Verdict

When your car doesn’t pass its MOT, you won’t have to go searching for the news. The test centre that conducted the examination will get in touch with you to deliver the results. You’ll receive an official declaration of your car’s MOT test failure. This document contains essential information such as your car’s specifications, the MOT test number, and the reasons for its failure. Make sure to keep this document safe, as you’ll need it for the next steps.

Can You Still Drive?

The short answer is no, with very few exceptions. Driving a car without a valid MOT certificate is illegal in most cases, and it renders your insurance invalid. However, you can drive your car to a test station for a pre-arranged MOT test or to get it repaired after a failed MOT. These are the only exceptions, and any other use of the vehicle on public roads can lead to serious legal consequences.

Getting an MOT Retest

After a failed MOT, you have a couple of options for getting your car back on the road, assuming you’re not appealing the decision. The choice largely depends on whether you prefer to have your car repaired immediately or elsewhere.

Immediate Repairs: This is usually the simplest option. Many MOT test centres offer to fix the issues outlined in your VT30 document right away, provided they have the necessary skills, materials, and equipment. They have ten working days to complete the required repairs and conduct a partial retest, focusing only on the issues listed in the VT30.

Repairs Elsewhere: If you prefer not to have the repairs done at the original MOT test centre, you can choose to have them completed elsewhere. If these repairs can be done within one working day, there will be no charge for the retest at the original centre. If the repairs take between two and ten days, you’ll be charged for a partial retest, typically about half the cost of the initial test. Beyond ten days, you’ll be charged for a full MOT, so it’s essential not to delay.

Considering Scrapping: In some cases, especially if your car is old or extensively damaged, repairing it might not be worth the time, money, and hassle. In such situations, scrapping your car could be the most straightforward and financially sensible option.

If you decide to go the scrapping route, Taroni’s of Birmingham are here to help. We’ve streamlined the process to make scrapping your car as easy as possible. We offer extremely competitive prices and can even collect your car!