Q. Can I be paid instantly?

Yes you can.

Q. How will I be paid?

We can make a cash payment instantly into your bank account (BACS).

Alternatively if you want cash in hand, we can set you up on our Cheque Exchange facility. This requires two forms of ID. i.e. Photocard Driving Licence/Passport/EU National ID Card and a recent utility bill (not mobile phone).

We can also write you a cheque, and we offer a Metal Cash Card account service.

Q. Why do you need my ID when I bring in scrap metal?

This has been required since December 2012 when the Government bought in a new law to prevent metal theft.

Q. Why can’t the driver bring a Certificate of Destruction with him when he collects my scrap vehicle?

We can issue a Certificate of Destruction from the DVLA once we have the vehicle in our possession. We can email or post (stamped addressed envelope required) a copy to you for your records.

Q. Are you able to weigh the scrap metal I have?

On site we can weigh your metals: from 1 gram for precious metals, up to 50 tonnes on our calibrated weighbridge for larger amounts.

Q. How do I set up a trade account with Taroni’s of Birmingham?

All we will require is a contact name and the letterhead of your company, and if you would like to be paid via BACS we’ll need your bank details.