Trash or Trade: Scrapping Your Car Vs Selling It

Should you sell or scrap an old car? Every year many motorists are faced with this question – sometimes straightforward and at other times less clear. Here, we review some of the pros and cons of selling or scrapping your old vehicle. Scrapping your car can sometimes be more straightforward (with just one quick, simple transaction) than it might be to sell it. Only one appointment or visit means there is less inconvenience and hassle. There will be no numerous visitors arriving late (or not at all!), no wasted time answering repeated questions – and no complications with insurance and test-drives by possible purchasers. Additionally, there is no need to arrange a costly service for the car or the need to pass an MOT test, advisable if selling a vehicle. You also do not have to pay money to advertise the car. There are other financial advantages too – remember that you can also cash in any unused road tax, along with motor insurance (check the policy details).

2 Million Scrapped Every Year – Will You Join Them?

Depending on the year, make, model and specification of your car, you could receive a very reasonable price by scrapping it. Every week, we purchase hundreds of scrap vehicles in the West Midlands area, helping motorists quickly and easily dispose of their old vehicles. We offer you the best price available and need only the vehicle itself and DVLA registration document, also known as the ‘logbook’. A collection service is also available for your added convenience, if necessary. In Britain, approximately two million used vehicles are scrapped every year; when a car is dismantled for scrap it must be done in an ‘Authorised Treatment Facility’, where environmental regulations specify how contaminants are to be disposed of. Our facilities are fully compliant with these regulations – environmentally friendly, with specialist equipment and machinery to recycle as much as possible. We help with completing the necessary paperwork and provide a certificate of destruction, required by the DVLA to avoid complications such as continued liability for fines – and other issues. Your responsibility for the vehicle finishes when you deal with us; we are members of the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association, a governing body. Make us your first choice if you would like simple and inexpensive way to dispose of your old vehicle. For further details or an indication of the vehicle’s current value, please contact us through our online enquiry form, call us or visit us direct at our salvage yard in Birmingham – we will be glad to help.