Top Tips When Preparing Your Scrap Metal for Collection

Thinking of contacting an established scrap metal merchant and getting cash for your scrap metal? Before you pick up the phone and contact a reputable business like Taroni’s of Birmingham and arrange for a collection, there’s something that you’ll need to do: sort out your scrap metal.

Just hauling your scrap metal and tossing it into a skip or bin and then arranging a collection with a local Birmingham-based scrap metal merchant isn’t necessarily the best way to dispose of any copper, aluminium, tin or any other metals you have lying around. You’re best separating your scrap metal into different piles before calling a scrap metal merchant.

Why? This ensures efficient recycling of all scrap metal materials and will speed up the recycling process. Taroni’s of Birmingham will transfer cash directly to your account upon collection of your scrap metal, so why delay getting some quid in your back pocket by not sorting out your scrap metal prior to collection.

Luckily, sorting your scrap metal couldn’t be easier. Follow our top tips and before arranging a collection and you could get cash for scrap metal quicker than you think.

Separate Your Metal and Items

It’s always best to separate your metal before calling a scrap metal merchant, like Taroni’s of Birmingham. Create one pile for your copper, one pile for your aluminium and one pile for your tin and so on. This makes life so much easier when a scrap metal merchant comes to collect your metal. Why? They won’t have to invest time sorting and separating your scrap metal.

If you’re not sure what metals you have or have metallic items that you’re not entirely sure can be scrapped, create a pile for these too. Any learned scrap metal merchant, like Taroni’s of Birmingham, will be able to instantly identify metals and sort them accordingly.

Some items, such as car batteries, catalytic convertors and automotive parts can be collected as they are. An experienced scrap metal merchant, like Taroni’s of Birmingham, will be able to expertly extract as much metal as possible.

Identify Non-Ferrous Metals

Before you arrange for a scrap metal merchant to collect your scrap metal, it’s important that you identify which metals are ferrous. This will help us to appropriate dispose of your scrap metal, saving much time on collection.

For anyone that’s unaware, here’s a quick overview of ferrous metals:

Copper – an abundant non-ferrous metal present in wire, cables, piping and plumbing. When separating your metals, remember to keep your eyes peeled for brass which can have a somewhat similar appearance to copper.

Brass – has a yellowy gold colour but has a far more vivid yellow tone than copper.

Aluminium – much lighter than other ferrous metals, brass has a dull silver colour. You’ll immediately notice its weight upon picking it up, though when reset, aluminium will become heavier.

Stainless Steel – heavy and rustproof with a sharper silver colour, stainless steel is easy to confuse with ferrous steel. However, a good way to identify if the metal is stainless steel is to see if it’s rusted. Stainless steel is rustproof.

Identify Non-Ferrous Metals

Do you know your ferrous from your non-ferrous metals? Separating each into separate piles can make life much easier for scrap metal merchants like Taroni’s of Birmingham.

Steel – typically magnetic, if you spot signs of rust or if you have no use of the metal, then it’s time to take it to be recycled. Steel can be mixed with iron, so if you’re unsure of the composition, check with Taroni’s of Birmingham.

Lead – will have a darker hue that steel and be very heavy for its size.

Tin – the easier way to identify tin is through its tensile strength. Apply pressure and it should bend.

Sort Metals in Different Containers

Before phoningTaroni’s of Birmingham and arranging a collection, it’s always a good idea to be organised. Why not sort metals into different containers? Some metals are more valuable than others and being able to clearly identify individual metals is a great way to ensure that the collection runs smoothly – and will put cash for your scrap metal in your pocket quicker!

Don’t forget to label each container appropriately. This is especially useful if you’re a tradesman in Birmingham and routinely need to dispose of scrap metal. However, even if you’re clearing out a house or commercial building, it never hurt to be organised!

Separate Clean and Dirty Metals

Prior to picking up the phone, calling Taroni’s of Birmingham and arranging a collection, it’s a good idea to separate clean and dirty metals. Why? Those metals contaminated with rust or are muddy will require a mite more time to process.

Also, you don’t want to muddy up a whole container with mud which is only present on a handful of metals. This will add extra processing time – and could slightly delay you receiving cash for your scrap metal.

One final point to remember: always separate individual metal pieces. An aluminium pipe may have steel screws affixed, which means you’ll need to store the screws in a steel container.

That’s it! The most important points to remember when you arrange for a scrap metal merchant, like Taroni’s of Birmingham to collect your scrap metal. Make sure you’ve got all your bases covered and you’ll get cash for your scrap metal transferred into your account on collection. It really couldn’t be easier!