Taroni’s of Birmingham Will Pay Top Price for Recycled Metals

Think for a moment, how much do you really know about recycled metals? Should you recycle your disused copper, aluminium and tin? How prevalent are recycled metals? What are the benefits to contacting a scrap metal merchant like Taroni’s of Birmingham and asking them to haul your scrap metal?

Well, as it turns out, there’s much information about scrap metal recycling that the average person doesn’t know! For starters, the scrap metal industry contributes greatly to the UK – and throughout the world.

A significant contributor to the balance of UK trade, the scrap metal sector helps save considerable energy, protects the environment and supports a workforce of roughly 10,000 across the UK. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, consider this: it’s estimated that approximately 10 million tonnes of scrap metal is recycled across Birmingham and the UK every single year!

Interested in learning more? Continue reading to discover the effect recycling different metals has every single year – and how you scrap your metal for a great price at Taroni’s of Birmingham.


The great thing about copper is that it can be recycled endlessly without losing its performance. Not only that, premium-grade scrap copper holds around 95% of its value. This fact has rightly put copper top of the metal recycling pile.

Global demand for copper has exploded since the 1960’s – as much as 250%, according to some estimates, which is great news for anyone with an eye on getting cash for copper!

Even better, copper is everywhere. From building materials like roofing or cladding, trains and automobiles – even coins, cookware, sculptures and musical instruments. Aside from that though, 65% of copper is found in electrical appliances.

An estimated 80% of copper mined is still in circulation today – which tells you all you need to know about how much the metal is recycled. Not only that recycling copper also saves a huge amount of energy, 85% according to some estimates – compared to traditional manufacturing and using recycled copper reduces global CO2 emissions by as much as 65%.

Have you some copper that you want recycled? Contact Taroni’s of Birmingham. We pay top cash for aluminium and can take as much off your hands as you can give us – we’ll even pay cash direct to your bank account there and then.


One of the most cost-effective metals to recycle, aluminium is responsible for delivering significant energy savings. This decreases our dependence on natural resources. Recycling metals uses considerably less energy than mining, purifying and shaping ore. It’s estimated that up to 92% of energy is saved when recycling aluminium – now that’s a statistic that’s hard to ignore!

Like most metals, aluminium can be recycled limitlessly – and none of its beneficial properties will be lost! It’s hardly surprising then that recycled aluminium is used in a vast range of applications, such as vehicle manufacturing, electronic appliances and much, much more.

Believe it or not, an estimated 75% of all the aluminium that has EVER been mined is still in circulation in one way or another to this day. Not only that aluminium can be recycled as much as eight times a year. That saves enough energy for 160 new cars to be built. Also, recycling aluminium can save enough energy to power a 100-watt lightbulb for as long as four hours!

Have you some aluminium that you want recycled? Come and visit Taroni’s of Birmingham. We offer great prices for aluminium and can take as much off your hands as you can give us. All aluminium – and all metals we take of your hands are disposed of efficiently and responsibly – we’ll even pay cash direct to your bank account there and then.

These are just some recycled metals that can be easily recycled for use in a wealth of industries across Birmingham, the UK and the world. Interested in recycling your own copper and aliuminium, Contact Taroni’s today. We can confidently take repeated loads of copper, aluminium and tin, or any other metallic products off your hands, making your life so much easier. Discover a great way to dispose of your metals – and get cash in your pocket!